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Thanks for reaching out! Excellent question.

Initially, we'll offer only an authentication service, as in confirming the user's identity. It will work similarly to the 2fa tokens, and as such, we won't store any user data (or even ask them for anything other than their username).

It'll allow you to confirm that the user is who they're claiming to be. We'll also send you some publicly available user data, so you don't have to use BitClout's API.

You can use it to build, e.g., an app available only to people who invested a certain amount of $ in you, but it won't allow you to POST anything as the user authenticating.

We plan on adding an authorization service later, which will allow users to review permissions for each app (e.g., "This app will be able to sell your coins. Continue?"), and then allow you to POST through our API (you will be able to do only things the user agreed to).
We have a working POC of a solution that does not need a passphrase to achieve that, but since we'll need to store some user data on our side to do that, we'll open-source a relevant part of our service and/or do a 3rd party audit.

We'll do all that will be needed to prove our good intentions and ensure users' data is secure. Our mission is to build a secure solution that will become a standard in the BitClout community, prevent people from giving out their passphrase, and make it easier to create new apps for BitClout.

If you want to discuss more details, I'm happy to chat ;)

1 year ago