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This is what happens when @Krassenstein recommend your account.

Thank you for including me on the list.

Must-Follow Deso Users who have been around from nearly the Start:

🚀 @MechellLord - Always optimistic, face of Deso-Clubhouse.

🚀 @MissKatiann - Super friendly, Deso NFT advocate, always on Clubhouse smiling.

🚀 @Tijn - one of the smartest developers on DeSo, always posting great stats and updates.

🚀 @Salilsethi - The smartest dude on DeSo. Creator of @openProsper. Incredible person in general.

🚀 Doodles - Great business sense. Great person to get advice from. Great person in general.

🚀 @Sandirose - Incredibly smart. Not afraid to say what needs to be said. Super passionate about blockchain technology.

🚀 @HighKey - If you want to get excited about Deso, just read their last few posts.

🚀 @ChaseSteely - Huge supporter of Deso. Great commentary and ideas.

🚀 @mvanhalen - Incredible Deso developer, always staying ahead of the curve.

🚀 @CyrusAbrahim - The king of Deso NFTs. Great business sense.

🚀 @illuMEMEnati - One of the more forward-thinking Deso NFT artists.

🚀 @Artz - Works alongside @Chamath. One of the more brilliant investing minds on Deso.

🚀 @Murkury - One of the most talented users here. Smart, informative, and always working.

🚀 @WilliamLaurent - One of the most chill guys on DeSo. Incredible artist and even better person.

🚀 @Designsta - These two sisters are incredible. Always engaging with users from day 1. Stay tuned for their latest project @Stori.

🚀 @Dharmesh - Founder of Hubspot - Important thought-leader on Deso.

🚀 @Dylanjaggerlee - Probably one of the more optimistic people on DeSo. The guy is awesome!

🚀 @smartalec - One of the cofounders of @cloutcast, but also working with multiple NFT artists to take thing up a notch.

🚀 @paulburke - Developer, who has been here from the start. Not afraid to speak his mind.

🚀 @Matreshka - We've known her from the start and have met her multiple times. Incredible person and amazing creator/leader on Deso.

Feel free to add to this list!

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