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Greetings DeSo Fam:

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for their support regarding all things election. The entire process and now seeing the actual vote counts today has been a little overwhelming for me because I’m really not used to these sorts of things but I very much appreciate everyone here.

While it makes me highly uncomfortable to even address this, I feel it’s important for me to expressly say that regardless of the number of votes I received, my voice is no more important than any of the other 6 reps or any single person in this community. I will always be one among many.

I also want to share that I understand and acknowledge all of the concerns regarding the @DeSoCommunityReps election process thus far, including the visibility issues, problems with the voting app and the last minute change to select 7 rather than 5 reps.

While the balance of my post represents my personal opinion and not a formal rep position, please know that all of the reps are actively discussing these issues and understand the importance of making them a priority. We have already set up a Discord server. It’s still a work in progress so please be patient with us but anyone is welcome to join https://discord.gg/rjJPqYBn

💎 In my view, the purpose of this election and this initiative was to create a test case for a group of community reps (whatever role they would end up having) 💎

💎 We can’t move towards future, improved iterations of anything without having a first iteration and I see the @DeSoCommunityReps initiative as this starting point. I have expressed skepticism about the process, especially in light of the fact that it’s not yet supported by the core team. The fact that the results of this election don’t actually yield anything official, allowed me to relax my perspective while participating and just let it play out, taking it all in as a learning experience to be approved upon 💎

I understand that many people are unhappy that the “rules” were changed to allow 7 rather than 5 reps but I’d like to put this in perspective and remind everyone that the “rules” were created by two community members @darian_parrish and @JasonDevlin (thanks to both for the time and effort put into all of this on a strictly volunteer basis) who have no more authority than anyone in the community.

I have no reason to believe that the change from 5 to 7 was anything other than a statistical decision because of the low margin of error with just 1 vote between 5th and 6th place. I assume the 7th was added (only 4 votes behind 6th) so that the rep committee had an odd number of participants for voting purposes. Knowing the voting mechanism was not 100% reliable, I think it’s far more harmful to have excluded the 6th person and risked having the “wrong” person (based on # of votes) in the 5th spot than to take a conservative approach and allow for the two extra reps. I have thought about it from a number of angles and from a practical standpoint, I don’t see how any harm comes to anyone in the community in having 7 members rather than 5. It wouldn’t have changed the way I voted. I very much welcome having @Matreshka and @eminabec as part of the group. They both achieved great community support in this process. I also look forward to working with @kerstineymers @kanshi @randhir and @brootle (even though he already works for me).

As something experimental, whether elected or not, I decided that I was okay with allowing the process to evolve fluidly where needed rather than sticking to an arbitrary set of rules especially where the ends justifies the means (in my opinion).

As for right now, the core team still hasn’t shown support for this initiative so as of today, the world of DeSo is the same as it was before the election. (FYI for anyone wondering, @Nader hasn’t slid into my DMs or any of the elected reps to welcome us to inner circle. I check regularly). Therefore, I don’t have any newfound power or authority and whatever role it is I’ve been elected to is neither glamorous nor lucrative.

Whoever I was to you yesterday whether it be someone who’s post you like to read or someone who you like having conversations with deep in a comment thread or if I’m just that annoying person who clutters up your feed with walls of words, I’m still that same person today that I was yesterday (sorry to those of you that I annoy). Regardless of the election, I am going to continue sharing my thoughts, perspective and insights, fostering discussion and throwing lots of words and numbers at you.

I hope everyone can see that the intent of the community reps is to help amplify everyone’s voice, not stifle any. Despite the issues and how you feel about the election process, no person should feel that their voice is impacted by what’s transpired. To the extent you do, I encourage you to speak up and propose solutions for correcting the problem. You also no less a member of the community if you don’t support this initiative and in fact, there is nothing stopping anyone from self-organizing another committee of sorts and also trying to get the ear of the core team.

As always I welcome feedback discussion.

Happy Thursday (or Friday if you’re already enjoying the weekend in the future) 😊

1 month ago