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I loved the response! These types of engagements are my favorite!

Hyperinflation, yes.

From a millennial perspective, hyperinflation is something I'll accept. However, that does me no good. Instead, I shift mindsets and view the opposite. We are in abundance of opportunities, most specifically in blockchain and Web 3 use cases from startups to monetization. We're in a paradigm shift. Generations using the technology by innovation/decentralization create more value than fiat currencies and centralization. It will be the better alternative once mass adoption realizes digital markets consistently outperform their analog counterparts.

As for myself, I spend 40-50 hours on top of my responsibilities at the data center, learning, practicing, researching, and teaching.

I've been seeking to do more in terms of creating a functional product. I'm lacking in this area. A lot of non-sense I post is helpful. At least, I hope they offer a unique perspective. I was born in '88, played tabletop Pac-man, modded Xbox, had AOL, and waited hours for a few seconds of a song to play on Napster.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is I feel I'm living the dream, chasing the tech entrepreneur dream. I've been homeless, made fun of, and leveled up too. I lost it all more than a couple of times. College dropout 4x went from Applebees to now Microsoft. All by learning, teaching, and building with technology is a lifestyle.

For some, it's called science.
I feel it's much deeper than that.


Lets see if I can sum up where we are in one word: Hyperinflation

What are you doing about it?

Here’s what I’m doing:

1. Investing my time and money in creating a worldwide, NFT bond funded, regenerative decentralized ecovillage real-estate network focused on having fun, feeling at home, embracing your inner creative child, co-creating with value aligned individuals worldwide, living within the beautiful flow of nature’s abundance through slowing down, and thinking outside the box.
2. Creating a decentralized, DAO [and DAOism] based multisig transparent treasury for the above regenerative civics network that invests in emurgent low energy Web3 gems with solid teams, structure, and values. I see this managed portfolio as having near infinite upside potential.
3. Creating a decentralized social media metaverse for healers, performers, teachers, and creators to connect with their fellow regenerative civics alliance community members woldwide and beyond.

I don’t know how to juggle yet #IRL, but I seem to be juggling all this better and better recently. I’m really working on being a good leader, knowing when to speak up and when to step back and shut up, dealing with my own triggers and traumas before they infect my projects.

Birthing the Universe Land Trust $ULT is proving to be the biggest undertaking of my life. I’m so thankful for all the various friends and supporters in Guatemala and abroad.

TAFT Folks.

Much Love ❤️

Stephen Durham

2 years ago