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Had my eye off the ball for a week or two as I had to deal with an emergency.

@sirrhett answered all my prayers by filling me in ❀️❀️

Hi Amanda! Good to have you back. Best places for summaries are @BitsToday or @Krassenstein YouTube videos. I think @bruhmoments has returned too.

Based on your activity, I'm guessing the last time you were up to speed was 4-5 days ago? Here's a rough idea of what was up last week:

- @Spookies and @CloutPunk did a collab
- Spookies went to war with @PixelPirates
- @StonedApes did a stealth drop that was epic
- @Desomon has been churning out work
- @RowdyReptilians have returned for S2
- @FuckedUpCats entered S2 as well with a new type of cat
- The Krassenstein Bros announced the launch of @Naderheads tomorrow

Technical stuff:
- @Nader made his first investment from The Octane Fund into a new node called @DiamondApp, which brought positive and negative reactions alike
- Diamond is the 1st node with referrals. Yay free πŸ’°
- @redpartyhat made a new "hot feed" (somewhat inspired by @Brootle's SearchClout Hot feed), which ranks posts based on engagement & ranks engagement by locked DESO
- Speaking of nodes, @Supernovas got verified & dropped a profile update to link your socials, add your name, & add a banner photo
- @tijn integrated the Cherry Picker feed by @thorsten into his node
- @flickapp dropped a new NFT feature for premium content, called "The Vault"
- @Cloutfeed announced an update, though it's not out yet
- @Fastfreddie launched & shutdown a private Discord, using a bot built by @ItsAditya. Stirred people up due to the release announcement, but great use case for Influencers to create access via their coins
- Speaking of rewarding holders, @BitPerks did an open beta that was a massive success.

Community Initiatives
- @JasonDevlin & @Darian_Parrish launched "DeSo Community Reps", a program to create an elected group of people to communicate back & forth with the core team to ensure the community is considered when decisions are made
- @dylanjaggerlee created a private marketing chat for coin holders called DeSo Bulls (πŸ“²πŸ‚β—) that has been a godsend. We're working on a more organized marketing pitch

2 months ago