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I haven’t shared here what’s been going on with my family personally for the last 10 days. I tried to keep it off DeSo and have my limited activity here serve as short breaks from all of it.

But today, @Matreshka posted about what’s going on from our Facebook posts and I thought I would take a moment to finally share.

My son @AkashaLahoti was admitted to the hospital 10 days ago and has been diagnosed with very early onset IBD / Chron’s disease.

His case is quite severe with as he is in excruciating pain throughout the day and has been experiencing blood loss daily.

While we don’t know the exact cause, we are doing everything to get him stable at the hospital first and then move on to a more natural holistic approach of healing.

He has been through so much and just wants to go home 🏡.

Please pray 🙏🏽 for him as his body and spirit are restored, renewed, and fully healed 🙌.

And if you or someone you know has been through similar diagnosis and can offer any guidance as we navigate our options for care, please let me know or feel free to DM me.

Here’s Akasha below so you can send him some healing love 💗 and good vibes ✨ from wherever you are 🙏🏽.

Please take a minute to pray and send healing energy to @RajLahoti baby @AkashaLahoti and their family 💙

Reach out to Alissa Richardson at
(858) 395-9636 if you want to help the family while doctors are working on stabilizing Akasha.

Send food to them here:


Affirming and envisioning Akasha full and speedy recovery. 🙏


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2 years ago