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With @DAODAO About to Launch in Beta, here are our thoughts:

🐤 #1 @DAODAO clearly is not rushing things out.
The platform looks amazing, is well thought out, and has the potential to really be a powerhouse within the crypto space. It seems as though every aspect of the platform has been carefully calculated and the UI optimized for easy onboarding and understanding.

🐤 #2 Legalities will be EVERYTHING
The biggest impediment in my mind is that users are scared to create a DAO because there are too many legal and accounting unknowns. If @Nader and team are able to calm some of these fears and provide legal guidance via a legal memo, we believe DAOs could be about to explode onto the scene, with DeSo leading the way. Without any sort of guidance, we fear that the primary beneficiaries will be shady characters who hide from the law.

🐤 #3 Marketing is Key But so is Education
If the legal issues are able to be rectified then the only thing we feel will hold the platform back is an inability to spread the word and educate. Marketing should be massive and so too should public education regarding what a DAO is. Most people have no clue what DAOs are and there is legitimate risk that marketing dollars could be wasted due to public ignorance. Educate and market all at once!

🐤 #4 Don't Rush into Creating a DAO
Watch others screw up first before you do. Patience and waiting things out could be valuable in the ultimate success of any DAO you intend to create.

We can't wait to see where DAODAO takes us over the next few months!

Posted via @cloutfeed

2 years ago