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Hello everyone! We are looking for community advice. πŸ‘€

First, thank you to all who will read this huge text and advise us on what to do next. And kudos to everyone for your support. This is an excellent part of the DeSo community.

I'm building on DeSo since it was BitClout with closed source code (I guess you know the @Muvon account and its projects). It was a great time and an excellent opportunity, but unfortunately, for now, things changed.

I was working full time on MVP projects on top of DeSo, and it was fun, I won some contests by @diamondhands, did some automated speculations, and it was enough for living, also a great time when DeSo had an active audience.

Last year, we applied for the Octane fund, and we had nothing but an idea. We received a dev grant (honestly understand why because we had nothing at that time to show what we were talking about).

In contrast to the one mln-backed @diamond app that was just copied from the source of @bitclout originally, we did the @Overclout from scratch on React. I respect projects that teams build on DeSo, and it feels like only venture-backed are still active now; many other apps stopped/gone/dead/scammed. I want to understand we do not deserve core team attention?

We also built @Overdeso due to requirements for extra social features on the @Overclout, so we just fully reproduced DeSo consensus from scratch to make it possible to move fast and extend the protocol. The significant part of @Overdeso is it's built for solution API as a service.

We appreciate the core team for this grant and the opportunity to build. We expected that we could talk when we show our MVP and speak about the possibility of venture investments from the core team because this is a win-win solution. And also, it was mentioned in the email sent to us. But saying is not doing.

We built two projects for four months and two people (thanks to @brightside67 for his half-time).

Sadly, but Octane fund program seems to be dead. Alex left, and we got ignored in our emails. So we tried to speak through the community. But it looks like still no result, and @mossified thinks that we are haters, but not. We tried to find VCs, but this is a way not so easy.

So we call for community advice in that situation. What should we do next to keep shipping full-time on DeSo while it still has not enough active audience?

We want to build. We want to keep it all running. We will, for sure. But if we cannot arrange investments to the fuel of growing and development, unfortunately, we should find ways to change priorities and spend much less time on projects on top of DeSo.

P.S. Remember, we are still here, and we are building. The main thing to understand now – is how much time we will spend on it in the future.

P.P.S. Advice launch DAO will not work because even the initiative of attending the crypto Thailand expo and representing @Overclout and DeSo to the Asia market is just ignored by everyone. So we are realistic that making DAO will not work with the current audience.

2 years ago