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Devout Catholic; Brother, Son, & Uncle; American.
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Today In my Lang class I got an essay prompt about the relevance of Public Libraries in 2022 — a rather simple debate. As I started going through the provided sources, I had a pretty interesting reflection: None of what you see from my today would exist without public libraries. I love this story, and figured I’d be an appropriate time to share since this prompt reminded me of it.

When I was pretty young (elementary school) my mom moved right next to a public library (within walking distance, even for a third grader). I was pretty excited; we didn’t have a computer in our house and I’d be able to walk over and play roblox or what have you — and I did. Countless summers and Saturday’s I spent over there, playing games and screwing around on the library computers.

When I got a little older, and found an interest for programming (this is a separate story but essentially I wanted to build a discord bot & realized you had to code it), i had a computer but it was broken & I didn’t have money to get it fixed. I started reading docs on my phone & using a python interpreter app at first, but then I realized I could just goto the library — so I did.

My first time using VSC, making my GitHub account, using heroku, effectively programming for the very first time — all at my local public library. Effectively, the early beginnings of my entire first project (a little discord bot called AppBot, originally built in py) was entirely built at the library, and I learned everything I needed to build it there, too.

So, what’s my point? Without this public library, it’s likely the case that I wouldn’t have started programming. The literal only reason I jumped in was to build a discord bot, which I committed to making before I even knew you had to program them (assumed it was just some website). If I wasn’t able to simply walk to the library in order to program, I wouldn’t have built it, and wouldn’t have another reason to dive into software. In the same token, if my mom moved to a different house, same deal. Could insert a lot of events here (goes back to my “life is a blockchain” post)

If it isn’t obvious yet, I argued that Public libraries are an incredibly valuable and relevant resources in 2022, even though they look a little different than they did when Franklin created them. Sometimes it’s small stuff like this that truly has major effects on your life, and it’s important to be great full for the resources that helped you along the way. And of course, for all of this, Thanks be to God.

Good afternoon DeSo❤️ God bless

2 months ago

Your best friends aren’t the ones you spend the most time with, the ones you talk to everyday, or even the ones you have the most in common with. They also aren’t the ones you’ve known since elementary school, or even those who’s parents were friends with yours growing up.

Your true best friends, even if you don’t realize it, are those who love you enough to encourage you in faith and help you reach sainthood. These friends are rare in todays world, but they’re truly so so special. Those who love you so much that they’ll promote faith into your life, even when it’s tough or could break your friendship, are incredibly special; they don’t just love you as you are in the world, but they love you so much that they want you to achieve eternal life in heaven. That’s a very deep level of care, and those are the people you should cherish in your life; Thank God for their pretense and influence in your walk with faith

The person in my life who’s encouraged my faith more than anyone is here on DeSo- one of my only IRLs who is. He isn’t someone I see or talk to everyday, we didn’t grow up together, and our parents don’t know each other, yet he’s still someone I appreciate more than many things in this world. He’s someone who’s encouraged my walk with Christ, who’s helped me in understanding faith, and who’s constantly promoting my love for God. What more could you ask for in a friend? There’s truly no better fruit from a friendship than encouragement towards eternal life.

For this friend, I’m forever grateful. He’s been patient and kind, not rude or self seeking. He hasn’t kept a record of wrongs, and he certainly hasn’t rejoiced in evil. This agape is truly special, and Praise be to God for bringing someone who truly cares about me, not just in this world but thereafter, into my life.

God is good. He loves you, and he cares for you. Thank you Lord for filling my life with people who love me, who encourage my walk with you, and who’ve promoted my faith even in times of hesitation. Allow me to be as good of a friend as they have been in our mutual goal of entering your kingdom of eternal life.

Gn Deso; Thanks be to God. ❤️

2 months ago

A lotta times I hear things like “don’t post things you wouldn’t show your grandmother”….

I disagree with this mindset though — at least here on DeSo. For this reason, I tend to really enjoy how irrelevant DeSo is, actually. Most of my posts here I wouldn’t, in fact, share with my grandmother. To be quite frank, I wouldn’t even share them with my best of friends or those I trust the most.

Why? Because to me, DeSo is personal. It’s an escape from the irl world for a little while where I come and know I’m loved by all of the amazing people I’ve met here. I post true and raw emotions here, express my inner thoughts, and I don’t hesitate to explain when I’m having a bad day.

If my IRLs saw these posts, they could easily link my feelings to actual events, which would be kinda dangerous for me. I’ve said a lot recently that I like to use DeSo as a diary or journal — this is super true. Since DeSo is super niche and exists within a tiny (but tight-knit) community, I’m comfortable posting raw emotion here, because I know I’m loved & I know that these emotions can’t be linked with actual events, and thus can’t lead to judgement.

For this, I’m thankful for all of y’all. It’s super refreshing knowing that any time I’m having a bad day, need to share my feelings, or just need a vent, I can always write them down here, and y’all will always send me love. Even if that means everyday.

Much love to all of y’all. Gn Deso, God bless ❤️

3 months ago