I've learned after 41 years:
• To work w/ ADHD, not against it
• ADHD is part of me, not all of me
• It's a different ability, not a disability
• Failing doesn’t make me a failure

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Don't Believe Everything You Think

Our negative mental chatter can feel overwhelming and constant at times.

It can take the form of believing we're not good enough, not smart enough, not attractive enough, not deserving of something, or not a good father/mother/child/partner, etc.

Self-limiting thoughts happen to me when I'm not living in the present moment and focused on a past experience or something unknown in the future.

The present moment is the most important time because it's the only time we have any power. The past has already happened and the future is unknown.

Each day, I think of all I'm thankful for that can’t be purchased with money. Living in the "now" and focusing on all that I'm thankful for helps distract me from negative mental chatter.

Everything we experience happens in a series of present moments. Focusing on the present and what's happening now allows you to start seeing possibilities/opportunities instead of obstacles.

Negative self-talk and self-limiting thoughts are essentially excuses that only serve to give us an option out of the life we'd like to live. If you have the choice to think a self-limiting thought or a thought of what's possible, why would you waste time thinking the self-limiting thought?

Thomas Troward once made the following observation: "The law of flotation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things..."

Next time you notice a self-limiting thought creep up, try asking yourself the following:

- Is it true? - It’s probably not true, so I will focus on a thought about what's possible because it’s the one that will get me where I want to go.

- What's the payoff for thinking the self-limiting thought? - I get to avoid risks, stay the same, and/or escape the present moment.

- What would my life look like if I stopped engaging in self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns? - I’d be free to be myself.

- Can I create a rational reason to change my thinking habits? – Of course I can.

2 years ago

BitClout is more than just $Clout.

It's a community where people can form close bonds with people they wouldn't have otherwise met.

We don't always need to present the "Photoshopped" versions of our lives here like other platforms.

People go through unknown struggles and soul-crushing experiences in their lives.

We have no idea what anyone is going through if they don't tell us, and if they don't tell us, there is no way for us to understand or provide our support.

BitClout is a place where we can leave the people we meet better than we found them.

This has been one of the hardest life changes for me, and I’ve gone through quite a lot in my life (as I’ve mentioned on @nachoaverage). We couldn’t find agreement on having children, but our hearts are still intertwined.

Yet, I keep pushing myself forward into the creative economy, and doing as much as I can every day, as I see so much potential in the true vision of this platform.

Spending time talking to you and the rest of the community on Nacho, has kept my spirits uplifted and charged. And I want to give my public thanks for that, to you, @ClayPerryMusic, @wendyleigh, @NirvanaHTX, @kanshi, @brockpierson, @LiftClout, @Matreshka, @paulmp, @CoachDBordeaux, @BrixBoston100, @NalaInLight, @eminabec, @slava, @juls, @Krassenstein, @RDGroupRome, @Wildography, @BigRed, @clayoglesby, @jlam, @bewitched, @gabrielegio, @rnovoa, @HPaulson, @flanagan, @MarkBentley, @mary_nana, @MichaelLeeRolland, @illuMEMEnati, @nvo, @jakeudell, @happyduck, @Murkury, @Mossberrymama, @huntsauce, @WilliamLaurent, @sandstorm, @esoteric, @StarGeezer, @goodin, @znmead, @alexrokin, @Xandertoshi, @KAD, @CryptoGraphr, @JasonDevlin and the many others I’m forgetting to mention.

It’s been a continuous pleasure, and inspiration, getting to know you all.

2 years ago

Oversharing Isn't Always Oversharing

I find myself sharing the most personal things about my personal life with people I've met here that I've only ever felt comfortable sharing with my closest friends of many years.

Your past struggles, experiences, physical/emotional trauma, and the resulting emotions that you may or may not still carry with you are not always your fondest memories.

I've recently discovered there is something so amazing about sharing this stuff.

Sharing extremely personal parts of my life with people has been an interesting combination of both feeling terrified and also feeling so much relief as I'm saying the words and shortly after.

The terrifying feeling is the combination of not having shared this stuff with almost anyone, and the worry their view of me will change after they hear me share it.

What I've found surprising is that each time I've shared something extremely personal about my past, my experiences, or my feelings about them, the response has never been negative and has actually been very positive/supportive.

We convince ourselves that our past/current struggles, experiences, and emotions are things to be ashamed of and it's not true.

I recently shared some things about my life regarding being adopted and feeling somewhat rejected by my family of origin upon recently finding/contacting them.

The response to my sharing this/other things was nothing short of amazing.

Our experiences are all different, but there are often "themes" that intersect. I can't think of a time when I felt so validated, understood, and respected than when I recently shared the most personal details and feelings regarding my adoption.

We are all more alike than we realize. We're not all adopted, but we all have feelings about our parents, our upbringing, and ourselves.

That being said, let's have fun with this. You can ask me literally anything you want to know and I'll give you a real answer. Seriously anything, try me.

-Robb (AKA EightyHD)

2 years ago