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The talent in this list is just 🀯 and I don’t mean us haha. But just want to say that @krassenstein you guys are no.1 DeSo legends πŸ™ŒπŸ» We learn from you guys every day and your level of consistency is just next level haha! Thank you for all that you both do. And this goes to everyone else on the list and on this platform, you’re all amazing 😍x

Must-Follow Deso Users who have been around from nearly the Start:

πŸš€ @MechellLord - Always optimistic, face of Deso-Clubhouse.

πŸš€ @MissKatiann - Super friendly, Deso NFT advocate, always on Clubhouse smiling.

πŸš€ @Tijn - one of the smartest developers on DeSo, always posting great stats and updates.

πŸš€ @Salilsethi - The smartest dude on DeSo. Creator of @openProsper. Incredible person in general.

πŸš€ Doodles - Great business sense. Great person to get advice from. Great person in general.

πŸš€ @Sandirose - Incredibly smart. Not afraid to say what needs to be said. Super passionate about blockchain technology.

πŸš€ @HighKey - If you want to get excited about Deso, just read their last few posts.

πŸš€ @ChaseSteely - Huge supporter of Deso. Great commentary and ideas.

πŸš€ @mvanhalen - Incredible Deso developer, always staying ahead of the curve.

πŸš€ @CyrusAbrahim - The king of Deso NFTs. Great business sense.

πŸš€ @illuMEMEnati - One of the more forward-thinking Deso NFT artists.

πŸš€ @Artz - Works alongside @Chamath. One of the more brilliant investing minds on Deso.

πŸš€ @Murkury - One of the most talented users here. Smart, informative, and always working.

πŸš€ @WilliamLaurent - One of the most chill guys on DeSo. Incredible artist and even better person.

πŸš€ @Designsta - These two sisters are incredible. Always engaging with users from day 1. Stay tuned for their latest project @Stori.

πŸš€ @Dharmesh - Founder of Hubspot - Important thought-leader on Deso.

πŸš€ @Dylanjaggerlee - Probably one of the more optimistic people on DeSo. The guy is awesome!

πŸš€ @smartalec - One of the cofounders of @cloutcast, but also working with multiple NFT artists to take thing up a notch.

πŸš€ @paulburke - Developer, who has been here from the start. Not afraid to speak his mind.

πŸš€ @Matreshka - We've known her from the start and have met her multiple times. Incredible person and amazing creator/leader on Deso.

Feel free to add to this list!

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