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I’ve felt this in my spirit for months. So much resonated and I’m glad it was all encapsulated in a well thought out, felt & cited breakdown from the core teams perspective. Almost better than a roadmap (Almost) 😅 But I’m proud to acknowledge & say we have an excellent champion, team lead & leader in @Mossified

One individual can add so much value & perspective which is why diversity, equity & inclusion should also be a priority sought in this space (Web3) with so many far reaching gifts & talents, it’s a waste of community to not tap in through a clear & concise process for those that wish to engage. I think we the community need to also do a better job of managing expectations. I will do my part.

Appreciate you Moss for articulating your response to the @Krassenstein channeling of community frustrations. If I could vote for Most Valuable Postnif the year, it’d be what those brothers did as its constructive conversation opened up more clarity & communication between community & core. RESPECT should be given to everyone, regardless of sex, gender, politics, religion and/or recreational activities.

The part (https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1vXEkBLofyKp_3c7zlHZOsW86OuQkLjBIOWl5EcUk91Q/) that resonated most with me is the acknowledgement of a loved one on the block and them fearing for you from observations of how extreme & toxic some folks handling of change can be. To expose yourself & increase your risk in exposure to a community who’s trust has been jaded for some time. I’d really have an issue if someone made my wife feel fearful enough to have concern for my well-being. That is toxic behavior on those users and grown folks should have far more patience & resolve, especially if they’ve never deployed a tech startup or anything comparable. Nobody is forced to be here… the beauty of Web3 is that you ain’t gotta go home, but you ain’t gotta stay here neither.

Thought there were many great acknowledgements in his response, my favorite quote from the well noted takeaways from Moss was this:

“The success of DAOs on DAODAO, will be entirely on how well you can build and invigorate your community. Your outcome will be a result of how much energy you put into it. For example, if Overclout can build a community around a particular niche and deliver on core product value that resonates with that audience, I think they can succeed very well. But it will be a matter of the investment made into building an active and engaged community, which does not have to be entirely tied to DeSo’s existing userbase either — since DAODAO accepts ETH, SOL, BTC, and others. It just needs to be tied to solving a problem that resonates. Supernovas is a great example of building bridges between cross-chain communities, and Seelz is doing something similar with the Solana crowd. You just need an idea or vision that is compelling enough for people to buy into.

If you’ve lost the faith, it’s understandable. If things are too rich for your blood, it’s understandable. If you have definitive issues with the core team, do what you gotta do. But don’t stop the ones building… just step aside until you ready to play again. Nobody should be raising they blood pressure and stressing… Building what we building, this whole experience should be enjoyable at the least and reinvigorating, enlightening and fun at the best. If that’s not your experience over the last year, well then maybe you should take a break. Many have experienced the trauma of rug pulls, scams and deception in this space. #LetTheTraumaGo We all need a break from time to time to heal, and it’s okay to not be okay. It’s not okay to take your hurt out on others undeserving of disrespect while working to serve the greater good of the community.


#NeverForget #SelfCareMatters

This is one of the few critical posts you will see from us, but when we see things that need to be addressed, we made a promise to the community to do just that so that the team can take our thoughts and hopefully use it in a constructive manner.

There are 2 main concerns:

✅ Concern #1 The Octane Fund Situation.

Clearly the $10M spent late last year by the Octane Fund didn't work out as some have hoped. Many projects seem to have taken the money and presented very little in terms of actual progress. Many grant recipients seem to have dropped off the face of DeSo. Many other developers, who are actually making significant progress building on DeSo, can't seem to get any response from the fund about possible grants/future funding. We are super excited about DAODAO. We think it has the potential to change, not only DeSo, but the entire global funding paradigm we are in right now. With that said, we think we speak for many Dev teams here (us not included since we have adequate funding for the next year with @NFTz)...

DAOs certainly can be a boon for projects looking to raise money, but with the number of daily active users on DeSo below 2,000, in all reality, it will be quite difficult at this point in time to raise significant capital. That's unless you are able to go outside of DeSo to raise those funds. The problem is it's not easy to convince major investors to switch over to a new investing mechanism, like a DAO, overnight. To expect a project like @overclout by @Donhardman to simply turn to a DAO in order to raise anything more than $5-$10k, is a bit unfair at this point. I mean @Supernovas brought in around $30k from their Dao, and they are arguably one of the larger, more known projects on this protocol.

So what's the solution? The Octane Fund still has $40M of capital to allocate. Providing stop-gap grants to teams who show month-over-month improvements would allow for the Octane Fund to keep better tabs on their funds, while incentivizing projects to make significant progress every month or quarter in order to attract additional grant funding the following month/quarter. In all reality the Octane Fund doesn't really need an equity stake in any of these projects. Providing monthly or quarterly grants to projects on a regular basis, based on progress, allows the Fund to exert control, incentives the teams to work harder, and would allow for multiple new projects to seek funding to get their projects ramped up and ready for other forms of funding down the line. DAOs could very well be a great tool for fundraising after the hard fork and as new users stream onto the protocol, but as of now we aren't there yet and need to continue boosting the dev ecosystem.

✅ Concern #2 Everything but @DAODAO is Put on Back Burner

As we said before, we love the idea behind @DAODAO, but right now, after speaking to dozens of users and developers alike, many feel as though everything has been put on the back burner to concentrate on the launch of DAODAO and the hard fork to make it possible. And yes, we do realize that the Hard Fork will enable a lot of non-DAODAO initiatives, but people feel forgotten.

Those we have spoken to have pointed out that the Developer ecosystem is basically nonexistent unless you were able to get funding late last year. So many new ideas and projects have sprung up, but there is little communication about funding options.

The creator coin and NFT markets are almost non-existant, and very little has been done to attract new users to DeSo.

So what's the solution. Clearly there isn't an easy answer, but a start would be to hire more Core members. It seems as though we are losing them faster than we are hiring them. We need the manpower to do a whole lot, all at once. This could include hiring people just for the purpose of replying to posts, giving rewards via diamonds, or even funding NFT projects. It should also include massive marketing budgets and perhaps even games or contests related to creator coins and NFTs. Think outside the box, but also start spending that money that's been sitting in the Foundation's coffers. We don't need a few small promotions every few days which will drive a few hundred people here. We need an explosion of promotions, combined with unique approaches to reward users, artists and developers. We need a "shock and awe" approach. One which will drive tens of thousands of people here within days and create the environment we saw back in April of last year. Social platforms require users to attract new users. We don't need a few hundred people coming here, because they will see its inactive and likely not stay. We need tens of thousands of people coming here in a short period, staying and engaging with one another, helping to retain users and grow the community.


2 years ago