Principal at Cobalt Ventures. Frmr @CVSHealth Ventures and previous operator with product and corporate innovation / strategy / corporate development experience. I invest in ambitious founders who are transforming healthcare.

On @deso to explore and test #web3 use cases within #healthcare, #realestate, and #venturecapital.

@Deso Block 11,871 (4/2/21).

Member: @BanklessDAO, @BitDAO, @DuckDAO


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Love to see this type of Dapp-driven product innovation! Nice going @DeSocialWorld.

💰 Post to earn 💰

As of today, you are able to earn money posting on https://desocialworld.com Sponsored by @seelz from @disruptepreneur 🔥

How? 4 basic steps are all you need
1) Follow @DeSocialWorld
2) Post frequently on https://desocialworld.com
3) Make sure to end up in the Top 7 ranking
4) Check your notifications

🤖 No bots
🔴 No hacking yourself into the ranking (e.g. creating a low of posts with few characters only)

How we determine the payment:
📸 Each Thursday we take a snapshot of the ranking
🏆Top 7 creators get: number of posts x 0.025 USD per post
📈 Earning shared in DeSo against each Thursday's DeSo price

The concept behind post-to-earn:
↩️ We flip the model (web2: Tech firms earn, web3: creators earn)
🎦 Check our video on the concept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSFKH3Owhcc

Today, only the ranking is created in an automated manner. All other steps are manual. Innovation to come:
✅ We plan to further automate using @smartstream services by the team of @danielwilson
✅ We plan to further refine the ranking criteria. E.g going from number of posts (quantity) to number of meaningful posts (automated combination of quantity & quality)

First people who earned:
@shadyacres: 125 posts, 3.125 USD
@lilover: 82 posts, 2.050 USD
@mcmarsh: 62 posts, 1.550 USD
@ouwepiet: 60 posts, 1.500 USD
@annakhan5: 52 posts, 1.300 USD
@shadeflowers: 45 posts, 1.125 USD
@standardchuckery: 29 posts, 0.725 USD
@thisdayinmusichistory: 29 posts, 0.725 USD

cc: @disruptepreneur @nader @AlexValaitis @Krassenstein @deso @TeamDeSo @mossified

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