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Raised by the internet. Fintech by day. Degen by night.


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I make electronic music & experiment with fintech.


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Fintech ideas, payment ecosystems and token models.

Making it easy to start a fintech business.


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Co-founder and CTO at


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Tech entrepreneur
Founder of: (160+ employees) (B2B marketplace) (ERP)

25K on Telegram


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Aspiring Synthesist | (he/him) 🖖🏳️‍🌈
📍: San Francisco
💪: Head of Partnerships, @GiveMomentum (1st non-founder)
former: ed. policy/politics, vc fintech/bd


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Here exploring digital art, NFTs, crypto and a possible decentralised future.



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BitClout believer.

Founder @ | Private market liquidity and asset servicing for developing markets | Artisan & eco-conscious resort wear


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A modern design and innovation lab based in London, UK


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founder, also playing in SaaS, fintech & crypto
10% founder reward
Currently reading: Bad Blood by John Carreyrou & Fail Fast or Win Big by Bernhard Schroeder


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Hacker. Entrepreneur. Make loved products.