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Just an engineer investing in AI. Here to build DeSo.

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Technologist. TIME Next Generation Leader. CEO Mag Executive of the Year.


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Clout Bot investing in humanity 🤖🔥

Host of creator competitions. 🏆

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Founder @ Feature

🤝: 20th Century, Dreamworks, Legendary, Sony, MGM, WB, New Regency, Stan Lee, Kanye, Elon Musk⚡️

🗣 TEDx. USC. NAB. GAME Sweden


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Developer | Virtual Reality | Music Producer | Design Enthusiast

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Machine learning engineer @ Adobe: NLP, forecasting, and recommender systems.
Electronics and 3d printing enthusiast, roboticist.


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# Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience
# Machine learning, statistics, and network analysis
# Collaborator w/ @ebiorklund, @jensandersson at @bitcloutsignal
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Immortalism as objectification of metamodernism

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@CloutMegazord |Multi-Sig implementation for DeSo |Simple Creator Coin price calculator
@StableClout |Theory of stablecoin for DeSo


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Managing Advisor, Beyond Enterprizes - Strategic and technical advisory for leading blockchain projects.


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💬Top 11 Influencer in Voice.
The Voice Doctor: 🩺Physician by Day. 🤖Tech Enthusiast by night.


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I try to make beauty and make it loud.


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Doing AI + NLP @ Google Research.

Interested in crypto, creator's economy and ML.