Founder Reward Policy

Last Updated: 4/22/2021

Founder Reward Percentage

Our Founder Reward is currently 10%

Coin holding requirements

You do not need to hold any $BitCloutFollow to use or be listed on the website.

Why hold our coin?

Holding our coin means your share our mission to solve the Creator Discovery problem for BitClout.
We do prioritize the submissions from those that hold our coin.
As a coin holder we add a Hodler badge to your listing.
Our ranking algorithm takes into account the amount of $BitCloutFollow a Creator holds. This may affect their ranking in the list of creators in a given interest.
We allow users to filter the Creator listings to show only those that are holding our coin, this may at a later date become our default listing of an interest.

Our coin holdings

We have no plans to sell any of the Creator Coin we originally purchased, or that we earned thru the Founder Reward percentage purchases of our coin.
In the event that we do plan to sell some of our holdings, we will share our plans via a public statement on BitClout before doing so.


The best way to reach us with any comments or questions it to tag us in a post or send us a private message on BitClout: @bitcloutfollow.